We’re arriving from SFO, how long is the drive to Sonoma County?

If you’re heading toward Santa Rosa, plan on two hours from the airport.

Traffic is hard to predict, you may make it in less time if you’re familiar with the area, or if traffic is bad it could be over two hours.


What sort of clothes should I bring for touring the wineries?
We recommend wearing sensible shoes and layers. Winery cellars can be cool, and smaller wineries often have their tasting rooms in the cellar. Our mornings and evenings can be foggy and cool. In the summer months, we can have a 40° difference during the course of a day. Layers are the best solution.


When can I see all the action around harvesting grapes?
Typically, harvest and crush, as it is often called, begins as early as late August and continues on until early November. The busiest time tends to be from mid-September until mid-October.


Does it cost to taste wine?

Yes, most wineries charge from $5-10 per person, some more for their reserve wines.  We have connections at several wineries, where they will be able to extend a complimentary tasting to my clients.  Other wineries that charge often refund the fee if you were to purchase a couple bottles of wine.


Can you arrange for us to have a lunch or picnic along the way?

We will order and pick up lunch for our guests at one of the many gourmet delicatessens or gourmet markets in wine country. There will also be a cooler and a picnic basket filled with all of the necessities.  I’m happy to set up your wine country picnic for you and find you a beautiful wine country setting to enjoy it.  


Can Healdsburg Vino Tours help me get my wine shipped home?

We are more than happy to take you and your wine to a shipping store that can help you arrange to ship your wines home.  If you’re running short on time, Healdsburg Vino Tours can collect all of your wine and have it shipped for you.


Tasting Tips…

Wineries invite you to join them in their tasting rooms year round to sample wines. However, please be aware that it is illegal for a tasting room employee to serve wine to anyone that appears intoxicated,even if they have a designated driver.

Please taste responsibly.

  • Feel free to use the dump buckets set out on the tasting bar for excess wine.
  • Limit yourself to no more than 4 wine tastes per winery.
  • Never bring other alcoholic beverages to drink at a winery.

Taste in the suggested order...
Always taste from whites to reds. Picking out fruit flavors in a pinot gris after the peppery zinfandels are next to impossible.

Please, make room at the tasting bar for others....
Don't crowd the bar. If you're in a winery that is obviously busy at the tasting bar, back away from the bar after receiving your next tasting to give others a chance to progress in their tasting order.

Remember, don't wear scents...
Don't wear perfume, cologne, or lotions. They WILL affect trying to pick up the aromas of the wine which will alter your perception in its taste, not to mention, ruin the experience for others.